Creating a Student Participation Card Swipe System

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With our card-swipe functionality, gone are the days of long and slow! Event leaders can easily launch the swipe-in process with a unique access code and capture participation in real-time. Save valuable time and swipe, scan, or proxy student ID cards to automatically check students in to events. Whether your systems are wired or wireless, our card-swipe functionality is compatible with proximity and barcode scanners, and most magnetic card readers.

Why swipe cards when you can scan phones? Take engagement on-the-go with our easy-to-use Event Check-in app. A simplified process and intuitive interface will make checking in for events a consistent and familiar part of your campus culture — giving you greater insight into your engagement efforts.

Track Event Participation

Quickly deploy several check-in locations for the same event or various events! Expose less student data with our unique student passes that make checking in for events a breeze. Ensure accurate participation records with quickly visible student names and photos upon check-in.

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With instant access to timely and accurate reports, you can track participation, event attendance, and organization involvement with ease. Extensive reporting functionality and the ability to export data manually or through our data integrations can give you powerful insights.

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  5. Providing a simplified check-in process for both students and event staff, the Event Check-in app is a comprehensive upgrade for all your involvement-tracking needs. Showcase engagement opportunities campus-wide and help your students discover meaningful ways to get engaged and find their fit. Toggle navigation. Watch our Recorded Webinar!

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    Co-Curricular Records. Many of these students have a varied schedule between specials electives such as gym, art, band and many others , and pull-out for club activities and enrichment.

    ID Card Applications and Services | University IT

    It can be a daunting task to keep track of the nearly 45 students who come and go through the day. Students each have a card with a unique QR code and they can check in and out at the iPod station next to the door. It is a real help! AccuClass is very beneficial to our students and our institute as a whole.

    We work with international students who are required by law to attend a certain percentage of classes each semester. AccuClass allows our instructors to keep a record of student attendance that is visible by the instructors, the advisors, the immigration specialists, and myself academic support.

    Card Swipe Purchasing and Setup

    We are able to closely monitor the students and their attendance, ensuring they receive the best education experience they can while meeting all the rules and regulations set by the government. The most helpful aspect of AccuClass is being able to set the default to something reminding instructors to take attendance.

    In my position, I view AccuClass on an almost daily basis, ensuring that students are registered for the correct courses and attending courses. Then I report back to various departments on student attendance. Cost Savings. Cesin, the One Card office manager, has a goal of using the One Card and its technology to solve problems for departments across campus, and she has.

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    During our session, we had a lot of questions from the audience, Read More. Read More. To the Point Attendance Options Attendance tracking is not just for the classroom. On Biometrics and Identity Mark McKenna, University of Vermont, discusses the evolution of the card system from multiple cards to one card to maybe no card at all.