How to Raise a Child with a High EQ: Parents Guide to Emotional Intelligence

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There are several critical components of high emotional intelligence or high EQ. The skills typically believed to make up emotional intelligence include:. Most people cannot maintain all of these skills all of the time, but most families could benefit from being aware of skills which are less measurable but at least as important as other tangible signs of success.

Parents can be effective emotional coaches for their children. The good news about raising EQ is that it can be nurtured and developed.

How To Raise A Child With High : A Parents Guide to Emotional Intelligence

The bad news is that it does not happen overnight. Then decide to focus on one specific skill to target. If your child has trouble with flexibility, for example, start working on exposing him or her to new experiences, developing more coping skills, and fostering adaptability. Share This Paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. An analysis of improving student performance through the use of registered therapy dogs serving as motivators for reluctant readers Julie L.

The relationship between emotional intelligence and psychological adjustment in children with cancer Kerry Haffey. Finding solutions : teaching the problem-solving process W Fraser Hogg. As parents, we can take several steps to help our children develop stronger EQ. Remember that our children view us as role models.

Be Available and Open-Minded. Although there are probably many topics you hope to never have to discuss with your children, letting them know they can talk to you about anything will greatly expand their EQ. If children feel ashamed or scared to talk about certain topics, they may build up repressed emotions that could come out later in negative behaviour. It is better to be an open and honest book now to keep the chains of communication going between you and your children for a lifetime. Provide Tools To Express Emotions. Expressing emotions thoughtfully requires us to first be aware that we are having them and then to be able to communicate them effectively to ourselves and others.

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One of the best ways to help young children express their emotions is to teach them easy, appropriate vocabulary to describe their feelings. You can also try asking them to draw a picture or sing a song about how they feel.

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There are many other creative ways to help our children learn how to express their emotions. Listen Actively. Listening helps diffuse intense feelings.

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  • When we listen deeply to another person, we let them know that we hear them and care about them. Active listening requires you to be fully present so that you can understand what the other person is thinking and feeling. Accept Their Emotions. Just by acknowledging how they feel, you can guide them in finding a calm, productive solution.

    A Parents’ guide to Emotional Intelligence - How to Raise a Child with a High EQ - [email protected]

    Explore Multiple Perspectives. To build this skill in your child, you can ask questions about characters while reading a story or watching a show together. Explore how different characters feel and why they may feel that way. Talk about conflicts the characters experienced. With older children, you can ask them about different views on current events, looking at all sides of an issue.

    How to Raise a Child with a High EQ A Parents Guide to Emotional Intelligence

    As children are exposed to more perspectives, they become more flexible in their thinking, making them more accepting and tolerant of others and themselves.