Rebuilding your life after redundancy

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David eventually started to work again, it was not in a managerial position but it was working within financial services. Not everyone who is made redundant will require counselling. It can be hard for a lot of people to come to terms with losing their job and in many ways a person will suffer bereavement and mourn the loss of their job. If you do find yourself not able to bounce back after your redundancy, it is important that you seek help straight away. If you'd like to ask a question one of our experts workload permitting or a helpful reader hopefully can help you We also love comments and interesting stories.

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Rebuilding Your Life after Redundancy - Personnel Today

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Redundancy: what it is and what to do if it happens to you

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This can cause employees to withdraw from engagement, create a decrease in continuity and lower productivity levels. You can read more about the impact of redundancy for companies in our redundancy guide. The key factor in handling redundancy is to put the event in perspective and distinguish the issues of the organisation from your own situation.

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This is a time to be self-aware and reflective. Look at your strengths and, in turn, evaluate your career direction in order to better inform your choices moving forward.

Life after redundancy

Be mindful of initial responses such as bitterness, grievance and inadequacy. Redundancy is a life event for which it may be worth seeking independent help. Whether you have lost your job entirely or you are still at the organisation in a significantly different role, our experienced career consultants can help you work through the negative impacts of change in your work circumstances to help you transform temporary self-limitations into opportunities for growth.

Relaunch Your Career

Our consultants can assist you through this process, using a methodology that has been developed through over 35 years of consulting. This unique methodology in our approach moves through the four stages of exploration, connection, resolution, and action.

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