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Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 6, go to album. All those in violation of the immigration laws may be subject to immigration arrest, detention and removal from the United States.

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To explore the human toll of what appears to be a nascent but potentially significant redirection in immigration efforts, the Guardian contacted four families who have been tapped for deportation. Here are their stories:. Angel Ortiz, aged six, was getting ready to go to school when he saw Ice agents take away his father. His father, also named Angel Ortiz, was getting into his car to go to work on a construction site last month when federal officials turned up looking for someone else. They asked Ortiz if he knew the man, and when he said no they checked his ID and found that he had entered the US illegally in and in had been caught drink-driving, for which he completed a spell of community service.

The Ice agents put him into an unmarked car and, under the eyes of his children — the younger Angel and his year-old sister Adriana — they drove him away. The last time the kids and his wife, Francis, saw him was on 19 March. In the process, an ordinary American family was shattered.

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Francis and the kids are all US citizens, and they live in a townhouse in Gaithersburg, Maryland. None of their neighbors knew Ortiz was undocumented — they only found out when he disappeared and his car stayed unusually in the drive. Ortiz was known locally for his routines. Every morning for years he would leave for work at about 5. He would return home in the afternoon to look after the children while Francis worked in accounts in a local business. At weekends the family would go to the mall or movies. Regional bus routes and to Spruce Grove and Route to Beaumont are not eligible.

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Fare Information. Why is there a fare change? Why is there a difference between regional and local fare prices? What fare products and programs have conditional refunds? ETS may be able to provide a refund for certain fare products and programs. Prior to the 1st day of new month - Full refund Day 1, 2, 3, and so on - Reduced refund for each valid day by the value of an ETS Day Pass, until there is no refund value Dated receipt - Reduced refund for each valid day from date on receipt, by the value of an ETS Day Pass, until there is no refund value Lost in Mail - All ETS Fare product ordered online is delivered by Canada Post, and a signature is required to confirm receipt.

Death of Passholder - A prorated refund may be given under the following circumstances with the value of the ETS Day Pass deducted for each day after the first day of the month if there is no receipt, or from date of receipt whichever is relevant see Passes Purchased in Error for more information : In the case of death of a monthly pass holder, a prorated refund from the date on the death certificate, when the certificate is presented by the certified executor of the estate and the pass is returned to ETS.

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What fare products and programs do not offer refunds? We do not offer refunds for any of the following items.

Why do ETS bus tickets have expiry dates? Why does Route use different fare product than regular ETS service? Route is provided in partnership with the Edmonton Airports Authority. The transit fares charged on this route help offset the operating costs. The rates are comparable to other inter-municipal fares throughout the region.

For business travellers looking for a receipt for transportation costs to the airport, we recommend that you purchase a strip of adult tickets. Tickets can be purchased via our online store. ETS is currently unable to provide receipts for one-time fare purchases. Are University of Alberta staff covered by the U-Pass?