Waffle Recipes: Wonderful Waffles and Syrups Cookbook

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It covers how to make your favorite kind of waffles crispy or fluffy , the difference between waffles and pancake batter and even what to do with leftover waffles. You can find even more inspiration in this waffle recipe collection. We Also Love. Classic Pancakes. Cake Mix Waffles.

Belgian Waffles. Golden Harvest Waffles. Raised Belgian Waffles. Try These Next. Waffle Biscuits and Gravy. Waffle Ice Cream Sundaes. Waffle Grilled Cheese. Belgian Waffles with Berry Cream. Chocolate Waffles with Caramel-Banana Topping. Rate and Comment. Loved these waffles so much, joined just to make comment! First bite it like melted in my mouth.

Mmm love it definitely 5 stars. This is a fantastic waffle recipe. With warm syrup its amazing. Everyone in my family loved them! After this, I have thrown other waffle recipes I've had. No flavor. Waffles were flat tasting; bit more salt needed. One of the best recipes for waffles. I also used 4 teaspoons of baking powder and didn't have a problem with it. I also used a flour made by White Lily. The texture of the waffle was perfect. I used butter instead of vegetable oil. What would you make with a heart shaped spoon? You might use it to make heart shaped scoops of ice cream or any toppings you want to add to a great dish.

How about making heart shaped scoops of your favorite fruit jelly to top a heart shaped waffle? Pick a size of spoon from the set and begin adding heart shaped toppings to your heart shaped waffle.

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Think of whipped toppings you could add to the presentation. How about whipped cream cheese or strawberry flavored cream cheese on top of a heart shaped waffle? So you can use them all year long in the kitchen for recipes and then have them handy when you want to add a nice heart felt touch to any dish you are preparing. I started to think of a heart shaped waffle maker as a grill. You can pour in a batter of whipped eggs, put a sandwich inside two slices of bread with a surprise filling , or just about any batter option. Have some flat bread? Put a couple of tortillas with a bit of cheese in the middle and create a heart shaped design on top.

Be sure to spray the grill plates lightly with a non-stick spray before you heat it up or in between uses. This will help prevent sticking …. The older I get, the more reasons I find for celebrations and special occasions worthy of hearts!

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Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Subscribe to Heart of the Home Kitchen by Email. Thank You Bev Owens! Complete Privacy Policy. Complete Advertising Disclosure. Maybe flax eggs? I would recommend checking the comments to see if others have dried a non-egg option. We love these waffles!

This one is a winner and I love that by using oat flour the waffles are a little more healthier than those made with white wheat flour. The waffles are dense and filling but also crispy. We serve them with whipping cream and homemade blueberry sauce for a decadent breakfast or brunch! I just made it today. It was great. My wife really enjoyed it. I used oat milk and added a cup of frozen blueberry. Just make sure to wait that ten mins for the baking powder to do its magic. Thanks for a great recipe! We are an oat loving family and these are now going to be my go-to.

I doubled the recipe, but made no other changes. Thanks so much for this recipe! Heading away for a wedding this weekend and hoping to make the batter Saturday before we leave for a Monday waffle breakfast.

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Thank you, the recipe sounds amazing! These waffles to freeze really well, so that could be a great option! Hi Debi! The nutritional information is below the notes of the recipe. Make sure you allow cookies in your browser. Whole family loved them. Doubled the recipe to get 6 round waffles in our deep belgian style waffle maker. Made it vegan with 2 flax eggs and 1 mashed banana, and almond milk. It had to be removed gently from the waffle maker but stayed intact with crisp edges.

I put 2 cups oatmeal in my food processor and pulsed until powdery, added the other ingredients and mixed until smooth. They were wonderful. I make these waffles at least once a week. Easier than oatmeal and basically the same thing. The only difference is my kids eat all of the waffles without me having to tell them to.

I make them with flax eggs, rice bran oil, rice milk and gluten free oats. Perfect dad breakfast. I have too of course. These are some seriously delicious waffles… oh my! I have a question though, I cant get them to crisp up. Make me some, too. The trick for me outside of the instructions of course , is to make sure my waffle iron is hot enough and to let them stay in there long enough.

Depending on your model, I would set to maybe medium or medium high. It can vary based on type. I hope this helps! A first time for me. So excited to finally eat something tasty without having an allergic reaction following. Great recipe! Super easy and tasty! It makes amazing pancakes too.

I use applesauce and a little bit of stevia instead of syrup. I always double or triple the recipe and freeze the leftovers. Thank you for the wonderful recipe! I used melted ghee and decided to throw in some wild blueberries for my waffles…fantastic!

She felt the need to add some ice cream and whipped cream but ate almost the entire big waffle. I consider that a win. I definitely recommend and will be making again! Thanks for sharing, Donna! The key to the oat flour is making sure it is ground fine enough. Maybe try blending it a little longer next time. That should help with the texture. I have made the GF oat waffle recipe many times with continuing success. They are crisp and taste-full! Passed recipe on to all my gluten careful friends. Or can we omit it? Family member is diabetic and has heart issues.

Would love to serve waffles once in a while. Just enjoyed waffles for dinner! I do dislike people who change a recipe and then rate it but here I go and do it…sorta! I made the flour but found I was a little short…I had pulled a bag of pecans out of the cabinet to get to the oatmeal so decided to grind up some to make up the amount of total flour. I sifted it and set the larger piece of nuts aside, which later I put on top of my waffles.

Not sure what to cook?

I loved them…we have cut all sugar and breads for 4 months now and have found gluten does not agree with me.. But that is because his mind saw the nut flour go in and decided he would not like them as he is not a nut lover like myself. Used a Belgian waffle iron and struggled with the timing on the first batch….

Thanks so much for your blog and sharing simple but tasty things that we can enjoy……I know I will make a batch just to freeze as this did not make but 6 small Belgian waffles…the recipe will also go to work. Tomorrow as I have a friend whose mother is diabetic and I know these are better than the store ones she buys her now…. Thank you for being who you are; a beautiful creation of the Divine, a creator of vegetarian and gf recipes, by necessity- that I love and use. The creamy scrambled eggs, the Oat waffles, the creamy Avocado dip!

David B in Oregon. I loved your waffle recipe and even more for being gluten-free. It seems to be easy to make and very delicious too. Thank you for the tips. Excellent, excellent recipe. I just made this and both my husband and I ate them up.

Cinnamon Sugar Sourdough Waffles

I added pecans to one of them nice addition. It was fun watching the mixture kind of bubble up as the oat flour absorbed the wet mixture during the 10 minute wait. Fun and delicious! I had all ingredients on hand. Easy to make and tasted great. Thankful for simple ingredients and no complicated gf flour combos. Thank you for another awesome recipe! Hi What milk do people think works best in these waffles? Light coconut milk is from a can? Were they just not crunchy enough? I made these with lemon zest and poppy seeds and they turned out fantastic. Oat flour is one of my new favorites.

I added some tapioca flour too, and mixed in whipped egg whites at the end, and the waffles turned out perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Excited to try more of your recipes! Can these be cooked as pancakes? Thank you for the recipe.

Do they work with say grated apple in them? Many thanks,. Let me know if you try it! And have passed the recipe along to anyone I know who eats GF. They are the best. Thank you so much!!! Thanks Kate!! These are awesome!

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Love this recipe, being a celiac, I tire of the regular rice type flours. And, Yes I have to check labels for those oats that are processed in a factory without wheat, but there are enough out there at least in the States that are processed in a gluten free environment. So glad I stumbled onto this recipe thanks again!

I found this recipe back in when I was looking for some gluten free breakfast options. My kids loved the waffles as much as I did. This recipe has been made many, many times these past several years and always turns out perfect. Thanks so much! I made these. Used steel cut oats in a blender — not completely pulverized plus gluten free flour. They were spectacular!

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Highly recommend not chopping all the oats into flour. If omitting the eggs, you said that the waffles will be more delicate…how delicate? Will it just fall completely apart when removing them from the waffle iron? I made these and I believe the baking soda made the have a foul taste. Not sure what it was but had to throw them out.