When Truth Awakens

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As always with unsourced rumors, take this all with a pinch of salt.

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The extended title comes from a Variety report about MipTV. We knew off the bat we wanted to tell a beautiful Romeo and Juliet story between Josh, a vampire, and [Aidan], a werewolf. Our goal was to create a complicated, layered person who was put in many dilemmas in terms of his loyalty to the pack. Being an ambitious person and questioning the leadership of his own friend led him to be vulnerable to Klaus.

But we felt like that was the best story. Jeff Bell says that the next few episodes will deal with connecting the show to the opening of Age of Ultron :. Ultron co-star Cobie Smulders reprises her role as former S. And speaking to TV Guide , Bell says that the show will not switch its focus to powered characters like the Inhumans:.

As soon as that is official, I will not shut up about it. That I promise. But those who need to make those decisions are doing so right now — even as we speak. Mitch Pillegi has confirmed he will return as Walter Skinner. The first two episodes of Season 5 will premiere on consecutive nights, the 29th and 30th of July. Go to the link to see more. A new publicity picture has been released, teasing a new monster that will appear in season 9.

The A. James Whitbrook.

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Superman Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Ms. Share This Story. Lifehacker Offspring. Jezebel The Muse. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode.

Disney awakens the force with Star Wars-themed lands

We are working to restore service. For instance, if you find yourself shackled to a torture rack in the stronghold of your enemy, you can brainwash your guard into releasing your fetters and leaving the door open. Very handy. The new film is studded with details of that sort, as if the primary duty of the director, J. Abrams, were to reassure devotees that all is well, and that, whatever his frenzy of innovation, much remains the same in their favorite galaxy.

Hooper: Doyle-Melton's truth-telling awakens hearts in Clearwater

It is decreed, say, that when two major characters, who have prowled around each other at a distance, finally meet for a showdown, it should take place on a thin spindle of bridge, above a gulping abyss. Anything less grand will not suffice. Start with an eager but thwarted youngster, toiling away in the sands of an unregarded planet?

End, pretty much, with an eager and unthwarted pilot, zooming down the narrow canyon of a spaceship, with his wingmen taking hits on his behalf and a tiny yet crucial target in his sights? Is Abrams a chronic nostalgist, bowing so low to the fan base that his nose is rubbing against the floor? All of the above, and more. Airtime, on his watch, is not index-linked to the graying memories of baby boomers but doled out in line with dramatic appeal; the more vexing you were back in , the less welcome you are now.

Also, what is the first thing we read as the opening titles snail their way up the screen? Chipper yet irritating, like a pet squirrel, he was always the most insubstantial figure in the saga, played by the most callow of the actors. So he has to go.

Yet Luke still has one destiny to fulfill: he must become an invisible hinge of the story. Lodged inside BB-8, on a sort of memory stick, is a segment of galactic map, which, when added to the rest of the jigsaw, will show—either to reverential followers, or to vengeful foes—where Skywalker is. He would not. She straps herself in, swats aside any vestige of Mark Hamill, and takes command of the movie. Her character is Rey, a scrap-metal scavenger by trade, stranded without a family on the dusty planet of Jakku.

Frankly, she is twice the guy he ever was. Ridley is given plenty to do before she even delivers a line: proof not just that Abrams trusts her but that his obedience to the basic laws of action movies is intact. George Lucas, look and learn.

Zelda: Link's Awakening - Full Game Walkthrough

Our first glance of any new performer, watching simply how she or he walks across the screen, can be more instructive than anything else—far more than the utterance of dialogue. Ridley has a firm gait, a determined sprint, and a talent for ad-hoc sand sledding, and Rey needs no help from anyone, thank you very much. At first, the stranger has no name, though he soon acquires one.

Finn John Boyega turns out to be an Imperial Stormtrooper with a conscience.

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I must admit, I never realized that such tender beings existed. Anyway, off comes his helmet, and Boyega gives a fine demonstration of moral relief, as the sweaty burden of malice is lifted from his soul. Such, at least, is one reading of the scene; the expression on his face could equally be that of a grown man who no longer has to jog around in one of those white plastic codpieces, which never look quite as shatterproof as the wearer would like them to be.

Not for a second, as a teen-ager, was I spooked by the Stormtroopers, and Abrams, I suspect, feels the same, which is why he dedicates one of the earliest shots in his movie to refurbishing their image—showing them all in a row, under lighting that flickers like a strobe.

And what of its proud owner? I blocked my ears. And the comedy? Ford alone took the measure of the nonsense around him, and saw instinctively how it might flourish; his lazy sprawl, and his grumbling asides, encouraged the audience to step back and inspect the striving of other life forms, and other civilizations, from a laconic angle.